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Leadership Development Programs 

 the world moves at an unimaginable pace. today's leaders need to be flexible and anticipate change. For that, it is important to be equipped with the right skills, a resilient mindset, and a great toolbox.

Our high-impact, tailor-made programs use a coaching approach to train executives and managers in new leadership skills.  We partner with our clients to clearly understand their needs and to assess the best content and delivery method that will provide the – short and long-term results. Our programs are based on action-learning, which includes practice-oriented activities, reflection, and strategy definition to enable the successful transfer of the learned skills to the daily working environment.


Our program design approach includes: 

  • Agreement on accountable outcomes and results.

  • Content and approach to maximize learning and time investment.

  • Best practices, innovative tools, and the latest models in Leadership development.

  • Exercises and practices based on real-life scenarios that  challenge Leaders to step out of their comfort zone and think outside the-box.

  • A supportive environment that enables participants to increase self-awareness and build a network of support with their peer leaders.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programs are focused on improving leadership and management competencies while increasing organizational effectiveness and business results.  Program topics include: Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Effective communication, People Development, Stress Management, Leadership Styles, Executive Presence.

Global Leadership

The development and globalization of markets,  changes in the technical and social environments, and the speed with which decisions have to be made increasingly requires organizations and their leaders to face new challenges in order to keep their competitive advantage and expand their global leadership skills.  

Women as Executives 

Women in Business programs support women in leadership roles who want to strengthen their core competencies and increase their impact as leaders and role models in their organizations.  These programs are a combination of skills development and coaching through which they evaluate and redefine their goals as leaders, remove obstacles to success, and identify power actions to achieve these goals.

Leader as a Coach

Coaching is the most powerful tool in helping individuals and their teams achieve their goals.  By learning and applying this tool in the day-to-day work environment, executives and managers will increase their organizational effectiveness and productivity.

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