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Team Coaching 

the team is a system with all its parts. all of them are interconnected. understand them, leverage them, grow them. achieve high performance!  

Taking the perspective that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, we coach teams to high performance while accentuating and leveraging individual and team strengths. Shared vision, trust, collaboration and clear roles and responsibilities are key elements in successful teams. The Team Coaching  process supports the team's development identifying its strengths, opportunities, surfacing underlying conflicts, and generating agreements amongst team members that will enable them to accomplish their goals and improve team dynamics.  

Our work with teams is based on extensive experience coaching teams in different organizations and functions, as well as formal research and models provided by people like Richard Hackman, Jon Katzenbach, and David Sibbet among others. 

We coach and facilitate teams to achieve among others the following outcomes:

  • Create an environment that fosters open dialog in which all team members feel comfortable addressing new ideas, challenges, concerns, and suggestions.

  • Develop a clear vision that is compelling and understood by all team members.

  • Generate commitment towards strategic actions and focus on results.  

  • Agreement on expected behaviors that will enable the team to achieve its vision and goals.

  • Team members hold each other accountable for their agreements and take responsibility for their own contributions to the success of the team.

  • Collaboration works though clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Team dynamics and relationships are founded on trust and loyalty towards each member of the teas.

  • Conflicts are seen and managed as an opportunity for growth and healthy debate.

  • There is continuous review of process on all of the above to identify progress and provide each other feedback 

Teamwork is not a virtue.It's a choice.

J. Katzenbach

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