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Executive Coaching 

step out of your comfort zone, find out where learning really happens

Executive Coaching one-on-one will address specific leadership goals, commitments, and development needs in the context of the client’s job. This process includes value clarification, identifying courses of action, removing potential obstacles, examining operational style, asking clarifying questions, making empowering requests, and developing leadership skill development. 

Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership effectiveness understood as the ability to communicate, motivate and mobilize others towards achieving the organizations’ vision and goals is essential to organization. Leadership Effectiveness coaching focuses on developing and strengthening the leader’s skills to: communicate and influence, develop and empower people, and inspire people to action among others. 

Executive Presence

How you embody your leadership makes a big difference. Your ability be confident, grounded, assertive, yet empathetic and warm, impacts how others perceive your ability to inspire them to action. Through the coaching process you will identify and practice the key competencies that will strengthen your presence and work on achieving your ideal and authentic self from the inside-out.

Emotional Intelligence

According to research 85-90% the difference between outstanding and average leaders is linked to Emotional Intelligence. The coaching process supports the client in understanding what EQ is about, in building EQ 

competencies critical to their success, and practicing new skills that will enhance their ability to interact with others, be empathetic, manage conflict with more ease, inspire and influence others. 

Leadership Transition

When executives transition into a new leadership role, leadership transition coaching accelerates the acclimation process by identifying the key success strategies that will enable executives to be effective in their new position in the shortest period of time.

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